Dovetail Workwear



Maven X is the next generation of our beloved Maven Slim work pant. Same fit. Same sweet slim-leg silhouette. But neXt-level peeps enjoy neXt-level tweaks. A crotch gusset gives more mobility when you`re crouching or climbing or dangling or riding. Hidden elastic waist means eXtra comfort when you`re going the eXtra mile. Reinforced front pockets double down on toughness. We could write many eXtra sentences about this pant`s X factor, but the faster you read this, the sooner you can get yours and see for yourself. Maven X waits for no woman.

  • Slim leg. Looking good.
  • Mid-rise waist. Let`s meet in the middle.
  • 10 pockets. For real.
  • EZWaist(TM). Give and take.
  • Hip Slot(TM). Just clip it.
  • Reinforced front pockets. Double down.
  • Tool loop. Hammer time.
  • Crotch gusset. Free the squat.
  • Reinforced knee. Don`t blow it.
  • Knee slot. Put a pad in it.
  • Midweight stretch canvas
  • Fabric content: 97% cotton / 3% spandex