Dovetail Workwear



Folks, our Freshley Overalls are F`in magical. Containing the signature Dovetail Workwear stretch sauce, these overalls are designed to fit and move on every body while bending, digging, painting, or shearing. Freshley is a full-body toolbox of nested pockets for stashing seeds, brushes, pliers, and phones. The bib pocket includes a genius eyelet-fancy language for twine hole-through which to run twine for tying up the tomatoes, or to hold your fine-gauge wire spool. Did we mention it looks damn good on?

  • Flex suspenders. Don`t get caught up.
  • Twine Hole(TM). Spool in. Pull out.
  • Hip Slot(TM). Just clip it.
  • Zip pocket. Don`t lose your shit.
  • Crotch gusset. Free the squat.
  • Reinforced knee. Don`t blow it.
  • Knee slot. Put a pad in it.
  • Tough cuff. Don`t fray the hem.
  • Fabric content: 99% cotton / 1% spandex