Red Bull Spect



The BOLT is what happens when sports and lifestyle combine to create the ultimate everyday shades. A top seller, the fresh-look, base 8 frame delivers a lightweight, durable and flexible fit, while crystal clear vision comes from the polarised lenses, which absorb dazzling light reflection, enhance contrast and improve colour perception. In addition, the polycarbonate lens construction means that they`re robust, resistance to breakage, and deliver excellent UV protection.

  • Polarized lenses reduce the effects of glare by reflected light. No matter if you are on snow or water, polarized lenses give you the freedom to enjoy your life outdoors. Contrasts and colours appear more intense. Visual clarity and comfort are increased
  • The transition from lens to frame is seamless. This offers no attack surface for wind. The Seamless Lens Construction creates a particularly aerodynamic front.
  • Completely polarised polycarbonate lenses with 100% UV protection
  • Robust and comfortable base 8 frame
  • Red Bull SPECT Eyewear logo on the arm